Monday, November 28, 2016

Google Docs: Bullets and Numbering

Whether you are starting your gift list for the holidays or pursuing loftier goals and preparing an academic or business document that requires a numbered or bulleted list, today's tip is for you.
It seems simple enough. To create a numbered list in Google Docs follow these directions:
  • Open a document or presentation.
  • Add or select a text box.
  • On the toolbar, click Bulleted list or Numbered list.
    • Note: If you don't see the option, click More.
  • To change the style of the bullets or numbers, click the drop-down arrow next to the icons in the toolbar.
Sometimes it gets a bit confusing when you want to add text or images below a item without adding a bullet or number. Here's how: 

Press hold down the Shift key when you press Return/Enter after the numbered entry you want to follow with text or image. After you enter the text, just press Return/Enter and the numbering or bullets should resume. 

The bullets available in the drop-down menu on the toolbar are pretty plain. You can access hundreds of options, or you can change the color of the numbers or bullets. Here's how:
  • Open a document or presentation.
  • Within a list, click a bullet or number once to select the whole list. To select an individual bullet or number, double-click it.
  • Make one of the following changes:
      • Type: Right-click the bullets or numbers and choose a different bullet type.

    Color: In the toolbar, change the bullet or number colors with Text color 

Here is a short video that explains numbered and bulleted lists by one of my favorite tech tip gurus, Alice Keeler. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Create a Meme in Google Drawings

What is a Meme, you ask? It is a piece of digital content that is shared online and becomes viral, spreading rapidly and mutating as others alter details.  Memes are wildly popular on social media, and they can be a fun way to share ideas.

There are programs out there for meme creation, but Google Draw makes generating memes a snap! Here's how:

  • From Google Drive go to New/Google Drawings.
  • Go to insert image. Locate your picture, or search for one using the Google search feature. I searched for "turkey."

  • Next, you add text to the image. Click on Insert in the menu. From here, you can choose to either add a text box or use Word Art. I am using Word Art.

  • Repeat this procedure to add text to the bottom of the picture.

  • Now that your masterpiece is finished, you can choose to print it, use it in a document, or download it as a PDF, JPEG, PNG or SVG file to share. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Creating Diagrams and Flowcharts in Google Drawings

Sometimes, you need to illustrate a process to help communicate how it works. Diagrams and flowcharts do just that, breaking down information in a logical sequence.

To create flowcharts and diagrams in Google Drawings:

From Google Drive go to New/Google Drawings

Select the Shape Icon and click on a shape. Drag the mouse to insert that shape and resize.

Double-click the shape to add text. Choose the color fill icon to change the color of the shape.

To create a flowchart, select the line tool, and pick an arrow or connector to connect the shapes.
Once you have connected the shapes, you can move them anywhere on the screen and the connectors will stay attached.
That's it, you have the basics of creating diagrams and flowcharts in Google Drawings!

Bonus! Go to Google Templates to find lots of flowchart and diagram templates to get you started.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Create Image Shapes in Google Drawing

One of my favorite hidden gems in Google Drawings is the cropping mask tool. To add a little pizzazz to your pictures, use this tool to crop out a shape like this, or you can create an image in an arrow, callout or equation.

Here's how:

From Google Drive go to New/Google Drawings.

Go to insert image. Locate your picture, or search for one using the Google search feature.

Click the arrow next to the crop button and choose a shape, arrow, callout, or equation.

You can also add a border to your image by clicking the line weight icon and changing the line color

Note: You may have to adjust the size of your picture if it goes outside of the background. To do this, drag one corner into the middle as you would resize any image.
If you decide to download your image to use in another product, download it as a .png file to retain the transparent background.a

Your final product is ready to go!