Monday, December 19, 2016

Backup Your Old Photos

Do you have boxed of old photos gathering dust? I know I do, and some of them are very precious to me. I have scanned many of them using a flatbed scanner and a small photo scanner, but it takes a lot of time to crop and organize them. Google introduced a new app recently that makes the job much easier. Google PhotoScan is available for Android, iOS, and the web. Just in time for a nice winter project!
PhotoScan captures your printed photos quickly and easily. It has built-in editing tools that crop based on edge detection, straighten, and rotate your pictures. The easy step by step capture flow eliminates glare from glossy photos.

PhotoScan saves your photos right to Google Photos keeping them safe, searchable, organized and shareable.

PhotoScan offers an auto enhance feature. Just select Auto in the editing tool (pencil icon).

PhotoScan offers advanced editing controls that will allow you to express your creativity. Create a movie with your photos, or give your photos a filter to change the dynamics.

Not only can you edit scanned photos with PhotoScan, but you can also edit digital copies. So, if your holiday selfies don't come out in glorious perfection, you can touch them up and wow your friends and family!

Here's a quick intro video for you:

Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos
And here's a video that goes into the details of editing:

Scan old printed photos easily with Google's PhotoScan app

Happy photo scanning!