Monday, November 28, 2016

Google Docs: Bullets and Numbering

Whether you are starting your gift list for the holidays or pursuing loftier goals and preparing an academic or business document that requires a numbered or bulleted list, today's tip is for you.
It seems simple enough. To create a numbered list in Google Docs follow these directions:
  • Open a document or presentation.
  • Add or select a text box.
  • On the toolbar, click Bulleted list or Numbered list.
    • Note: If you don't see the option, click More.
  • To change the style of the bullets or numbers, click the drop-down arrow next to the icons in the toolbar.
Sometimes it gets a bit confusing when you want to add text or images below a item without adding a bullet or number. Here's how: 

Press hold down the Shift key when you press Return/Enter after the numbered entry you want to follow with text or image. After you enter the text, just press Return/Enter and the numbering or bullets should resume. 

The bullets available in the drop-down menu on the toolbar are pretty plain. You can access hundreds of options, or you can change the color of the numbers or bullets. Here's how:
  • Open a document or presentation.
  • Within a list, click a bullet or number once to select the whole list. To select an individual bullet or number, double-click it.
  • Make one of the following changes:
      • Type: Right-click the bullets or numbers and choose a different bullet type.

    Color: In the toolbar, change the bullet or number colors with Text color 

Here is a short video that explains numbered and bulleted lists by one of my favorite tech tip gurus, Alice Keeler.