Monday, November 14, 2016

Creating Diagrams and Flowcharts in Google Drawings

Sometimes, you need to illustrate a process to help communicate how it works. Diagrams and flowcharts do just that, breaking down information in a logical sequence.

To create flowcharts and diagrams in Google Drawings:

From Google Drive go to New/Google Drawings

Select the Shape Icon and click on a shape. Drag the mouse to insert that shape and resize.

Double-click the shape to add text. Choose the color fill icon to change the color of the shape.

To create a flowchart, select the line tool, and pick an arrow or connector to connect the shapes.
Once you have connected the shapes, you can move them anywhere on the screen and the connectors will stay attached.
That's it, you have the basics of creating diagrams and flowcharts in Google Drawings!

Bonus! Go to Google Templates to find lots of flowchart and diagram templates to get you started.